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Branding and marketing is a key component of any business strategy. While this may seem an obvious statement, the reality is that many companies have no idea how to develop a sound marketing plan. This is where Green Roof Digital comes into play. These marketing gurus are here to assist you in establishing a brand that will ultimately result in an explosion of sales.

The Green Roof Digital philosophy is quite simple: They focus on ensuring a company’s sales growth. Everything they do, every decision they take, from website design to advertising, must ultimately align with this goal.

Green Roof believes that new media is the most effective way for companies to corner the market.  They are passionate about driving businesses forward into the digital space. To achieve this, Green Roof makes use of four specific avenues, or ‘brand building blocks’, as they like to call it:

  • Brand Identity: This avenue focuses on how an audience views your brand. Brand identity revolves around aligning all activities, from the company logo to the business cards, with the image that you want to portray.
  • Website Design: According to Green Roof Digital, the best website is a clean one. The website should be easy for individuals to navigate to important things. Also, the website should reflect your brand.
  • Social Media: Let’s face it – social media is not just for social purposes anymore. Social media platforms have become an ideal medium for businesses to develop their brands and target consumers they wouldn’t ordinarily reach.
  • Advertising: Green Roof can assist businesses in developing targeted, cost-effective advertising strategies to help them reach their intended audience.

Despite its relatively short existence, Green Roof Digital has already amassed an impressive portfolio of clients. Included in this list are companies like Redibox Western Cape, PipeRenu, Kas Developments, My Easy Cooking and countless others.

Green Roof Digital has a definitive, proven strategy that can help any small to medium-sized enterprise develop their brand, build an online presence and, ultimately, grow their sales numbers. If you’re struggling to shine a spotlight on your business, give the experts at Green Roof Digital a call! And, if you use your UBU Wallet app to pay for their services, you’ll earn instant cashback rewards to spend as you please! Download the app today and go digital!

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